I have to admit here  firstly the confusion I had about my uderstanding of  Medical Education (Teaching) Practicum as a matter of how such skill  would attribute  developing  my academic achievement,   also how I could track progress in this course.

I have to say also  the first meeting with Dr.Curtis was  good enough to explore some of my questions but the next meeting with him was more clear to me how such program can help me organized my learning and teaching achievements and how I can track progression.

The Practicum that I chose to be my major Practicum  is A Research Practicum.

that mean I will be mostly involved in doing research with educational projects,  I have to recruite 80 half day time in  my research project which in fact is my interest after recent graduation from paediatrics residency training  at McGill University, having the Canadian and american board of paediatrics satisfied me for time being for clinical practice

I have careful vision  to build self strategies to help establishing me as a researcher besid being clinician.

This program really was mine, I can say it came in perfect time of my career.

I have great chance  contacting  Dr.Barra the Cordinator of Medical Education (Teaching) Practicum course, she was  meeting us mostly vis Skype almost every 3rd week per month.

I had chance to meet clinical researchers at DFCM  they  provided me their  great experiences  in how to write up my two projects

The first Project That I have spent half of time ( 40 half days) is Assessment of competencies among new Fellows from Saudi Arabia,  I have spent great time in reviewing  literature looking for competency based education then How applicable is that  to clincal setting , I have to admit my admires to amazing CaMED models and I have to submit great thanks to people who helped  me to understand these roles starting with Dr.Curtis who brought lights of CanMED in some of discussion and DFCM that provided  me the reading martial of these roles, also I extend my thanks to  both University of Toronto and Royal college of Physician and Surgeon  Canada, they  provided me  several access to their data.

At many episodes I found such project need long time to perform and ethics is another obstacle, at the end I submitted my proposal to Dr.Rahim the course instructor of research course in this year, he accepted  it as assignment of the course. I have  hope of conducting full project in next near future when time and ethics approval are available

I would also thank Dr.Curtis who advised me to write up this work as tutorial to get it published, he valued the time I spent  and amount of knowledge I collected.

Second project was starting  when I had a feedback of  from Dr.Helen Batty who gave me an excellent grade in my Teaching and Learning A term paper,  she asked me to take part of it and build it up as a teaching model based on educational theory that  I have used to get it published in an educational journal.

I have spent the other assigned research practicum half days to rewrite up this project  using  theory approach to establish teaching model for  basic science teaching in clinical setting. this project is a Teaching Model that use paediatric intensive care unite to teach  basic science subjects in preclinical years to bridge gap between basic science knowledge and real life observation of these   knowledge.

I have strong feeling that such paper will get published.


Some of great  reflections and achievements having medical education  course are those one that allowed me to translate Educational theories that I learned in class to real life practical experience  by support of expert staff in U of T and DFCM

Use the self-reflection, is a great Teaching and learning tool that achieved by  recording   Medical Education practicum hours,  I noticed my progress from one time to another  on how to observe the positives , how to criticize the teaching event, how to give suggestion and how to consider your self doing such teaching what you can do better

It is a great experience looking to others work and viewing different aspects from different angles, it would be intentionally or even non intentionally motivative tools that would change allot of my teaching philosophies.

Meetings with Dr.Curtis from time to time, attending every 1st week round with Dr.Helen plus  discussions with other academic fellows and master students, exposed me to varieties of different  roles for the medical educators as a teacher, evaluator, researcher, mentor, and leader, these great experiences fills my  knowledge gaps, correct many misunderstanding in my teaching knowledge and skills.

The following document is report of my time that I spent doing my two projects for Research Practicum

Research practicum pdf


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